Just Explore the Dungeon, Okay?

Today’s a pretty big day! My first released game as Director is out now–Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON”T KNOW!

You can watch a trailer by clicking on this link.

It was really fun working with series creator Pendleton Ward and bringing his universe to life with thickly-spread fanservice… but that’s not what I want to talk about today!

I want to talk about the very first enemy I ever remember creating. Back when I was nine, I played a little game called Mega Man 2, and it convinced me that making games was my destiny. Even before I’d actually PLAYED it, I set about creating my own version based around the screens and art in Nintendo Power. I could tell this Mega Man was something special.  My own version, of course, was Mecha Man–a brave (green!) robot who battled the vile Dr. Willy.

Well, Mega Man had these little hard hat guys (Mets) who were somewhat of a series mascot, and I knew I needed the same. But I wanted mine to be a bit more dangerous. Why wear a safety hat when you could BE the safety hazard!? And so, Dyna-MIGHT was born! (This is also my first recorded pun)

Dyna-MIGHT is a cute little stick of dynamite who is super buff and sports a wicked pair of bancho shades to ward off potential threats.

Why do YOU care?  Well, because obviously Mecha Man never existed. But I held onto DynaMIGHT for years, intending to use him in Mythri (which also didn’t come out)… and now that I’m an official Director, DynaMIGHT finally came to life in Adventure Time.

Pen Ward didn’t just want the game to have Adventure Time cameos in the monster department–he wanted some original stuff too. So, along with Fairy Convict, Harming Bird, and Elec Snake came… DynaMIGHT!  And since these needed to be prisoners in Bubblegum’s dungeon, he got a sweet striped shirt and prison tattoo (it’s hard to see in the sprite, but in the official art it clearly reads BOM*)

This was pretty neat! It was nice seeing a little guy I’d imagined nearly 25 years ago come to life (so I could kill him… over and over and over again).

So check out the game–I hope you like it!  And special thanks to @_swammi who drew an actual good version of him, Gustav Kilman who modeled him in glorious pixels, and @johanvinet who brought him to life. You guys rock. To the max!

*as in Mario 2′s early screenshots, not Book of Memories

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  1. Sam

    Is this a direct sequel to Book of Memories or just a spin off?

  2. Jake

    I just saw it advertised twice on Cartoon Network. :)

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