Happy Mother’s Day

Joystiq published a really cute article for Mother’s Day and it got me to thinking what my mom would have answered given the same questions.  So I asked her and am reprinting them here in a complete black-market version of Joystiq’s article.  So make sure you go read that too.


What do you think of when I say “video games”? Do you think they are good or bad?

  • Learning, Fun,Creative and entertaining  I think they are good if parents make sure the games their children play are age appropriate and are familiar with ESRB the site that rates games.  Good as long as Children and Adults take time out to appreciate the real world where life really happens.
Do you play any games? What are they and why?
  • Yes, My favorite is the original “Animal Crossing”. That’s the first game I really could play and I love everything about it. Fishing is very relaxing.  I play Wii, bowling, golf etc..then there is “ZooKeeper” I love my puzzles. The  games are fun and challenging if you pick the right ones.
What is a memory you have of my playing games? Could be either good or bad.
  • All good memories of you  playing games, frustrating when I tried to play Mario Bros. with you and I could never get to the next level (2).  Still don’t know why I can’t get far in “Trauma Center” and you go through Surgery’s and everyone lives. “Silent Hill” well I keep trying, but I still can’t get far.  Loved watching you play ”Harvest Moon” , but wore me out watching you do all that work.   Oh, and I will never be content until you turn on  ”Sea Man” again and I can see if he is still speaking to us.

Describe what I do for a living.

  • Through the years you have Localized, Produced, Designed and Developed ”Video Games” :)


So she kind of cheated on the last question.  For context she means Super Mario Bros. and the original Trauma Center game. I just want her to get to the part where Derek talks about the advice his mother gave him.  Also, the Silent Hill she is referring to is Shattered Memories.

And I will never turn on Sea Man. I can’t handle Leonard Nimoy chiding me for letting him die.

Happy Mother’s Day to Mom and all the other moms out there.

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  1. ff789n10

    Hey Tomm, sorry to put this here but I dunno where else I could. Linkin Park just released a new album called The Hunting Party and I think you should give it a listen and a review post. Would like to see your opinion on it, because I remember your blog posts about the latest The Offspring album being done right whereas LP Living Things was done wrong and disappointing, and I share the same opinion. Well The Hunting Party is imo a huge improvement and has a distinct flavor and full of creativity, where Living Things felt more dull and uninspired.

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