About Me

My name is Tomm Hulett, and this is my blog.

I work in the video game industry, and that’s generally been happening since I was 12.  I also enjoy reading, movies, and various & sundry other things.  I’ll be talking about them all here!

If none of that sounds interesting, you’re welcome to the cookies on the table while you browse my selection of links.  Hopefully you find something enjoyable.


WORTH NOTING – I’ve gotten a lot of Facebook requests from gamers, etc. that I’ve had to turn down.  For me, Facebook is somewhere I can send messages for my friends and family to see–so not all of that is meant for public consumption.  I’d rather Kotaku not know I’m being attacked by spiders, or that it’s really cold in SoCal that day.  I know a lot of industry types use it as a forum to connect with fans, but I don’t.  For more public thoughts and ideas, I’ll be posting in my blog–so you’re already in the right place!  So please don’t feel rejected or whatnot if I’ve turned you down on FB… I was just kind of weirded out when Koji Igarashi posted “I’ve got pinkeye” and a million Castlevania fans hoped for his recovery.

(You can be assured when I get pinkeye, there will be an overlong and hyperbolic story about it, rather than a short Facebook blurb–that’s the Tomm Hulett guarantee)