GameSpite Journal

Jeremy Parish (EIC, loves Print.  Stymied by the fact he works for an online publication, and motivated by the closing of several institutional print magazines, he took it upon himself to start a kind of Independent Game Journalism magazine called GameSpite Journal.  Knowing it would be insane to try and write entire books himself throughout the year, he instead recruited a bunch of people to write articles–I am one of those people.  Also, in the true “information should be free” spirit of the internet (and poor people) he gradually brings that content online for you to read.

Below are the articles I’ve written for GameSpite.


ISSUE 2 – Greatest Games of All Time

ISSUE 3 – Encyclopedia of 8-bit Heroes

ISSUE 5 – The NES Turns 25

ISSUE 6 – Most Underappreciated Games of All Time

ISSUE 7 – Encyclopedia of 8-bit Villains

ISSUE 8 – PlayStation, 15 Years Later

ISSUE 10 – Super NES turns 20

ISSUE 12 – SEGA vol.1